Ensuring Bug-Free Software With Our Professional SQA Services

Software Quality Assurance

To build a high-performance web, cloud, and mobile app solutions, you need to leverage the best software quality assurance services available in the market. ExactSol ranks among the top QA service providers in Pakistan to provide high-quality digital solutions that will perform flawlessly under all circumstances. Our QA testers help businesses in avoiding mistakes during the manufacturing phase. Software Quality Assurance goes way beyond just testing a software product or application. It is more of a holistic approach that aid quality assurance engineers to ensure the smooth functionalities of the bug-free product. At ExactSol, we have successfully perfected the art of unique QA testing methodologies seamlessly to the development cycle. Our clients have benefitted from improved accuracy, shortened time-to-market, and accelerated testing solutions.

What Do We Do?

We make sure that your software is ready to launch and will not crash under any circumstances. Just like you put in essential ingredients to prepare a specific dish and people still enjoy the taste of it. But then you add some unique and extra spices but don't follow the instructions, and you will be seeing people screaming out aloud. It is precisely what we do to test the software/app way beyond its normal limits. We measure the quality of the software based on internal as well as external features. The internal quality of the software is measured by the quality and accuracy of the codes written. Whereas the external quality is measured on the real-time activities that it performs in operational mode. We will make sure that the software will be useful in every aspect to the end-users; Yes, we do deliver 100% software quality assurance.

Our Process

We prepare a customized quality management plan and stick to it to make sure that we are going in the right direction. Our professionals analyze the software and its testing requirement thoroughly to apply relevant software engineering techniques. The prime focus of our team is to provide bug-free software quality assurance by strictly adhering to the process throughout the testing phase.

Automation Testing

Our quality assurance and testing services undergo without much human intervention with the help of some specialized programs. The experts at ExactSol devise and develop QA programs to initiate the process of testing, which increases the overall efficacy of the process. By this, we minimize the chances of human errors and get the hold only when needed. Automation testing focuses on testing the application from performance, loading, and stress aspect.

Functional Testing

We use a black-box testing technique to ensure the proper functioning of the product, which involves test cases to match the specifications of the app/software under question. By calling different functions in a program with the help of dummy input, the output chunks of a particular code are examined. Until the product meets the functional and specification details of the client, our QA process doesn't stop. We strive to align the end-product with the business strategy of the client.

Stress Testing

This step rummages the bugs and errors in the product. Our testers know if it crashes and gives up at the first attempt, then the coding definitely needs some improvements and extra efforts. We clinch that the final product will remain stable under rigorous stress and will survive through the tough patch. A well-written and robust code never fails to respond even under the toughest testing. When there is a simultaneous upload on the website, hundreds and thousands of visitors will be visiting and continuously interacting. That surely seems like an unusual load and stress for a product. Thus, the longer it remains stable, the better it will perform in the long-run.

Usability Testing

In order to come out as a customer-ready and responsive product, we run usability tests. It is focused on the user-centric approach and involves direct feedback from real users. Without a doubt, it is an invaluable method that is used to judge the overall power of a product to conform to the intended purpose. Our experts scrape together crucial feedback about the efficiency and user-friendliness of the system in order to make the critical changes consequently.

Compatibility Testing

No one can overlook the importance of compatibility testing in modern times as users are becoming more finicky. Since the programs run on iOS and Android platform, the software/app need to be completely compatible with them. It doesn’t matter how to advance the code is, if it faces encounter difficulty in running across multiple platforms, then you need to revamp it. At ExactSol, we test forward as well as backward compatibility of the product to make sure our clients get the best and ready-to-launch product.

Hence Exactsol has the capability for all of your software quality assurance needs; our professional software engineers/qa engineers can make the most of your desires efficiently.